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HYT H1 GHOST Men 148-DL-60-NF-RU watch

  • November 30, 2020

    Humidity and precision

    Angus Davies (Hangt Davies) lights behind the scenes of replica HYT watches and PRECIFLEX. The company is responsible for processing water during different periods of time inside HyT. During the time spent with all the company's co-founder LUCIEN VOUILLAMOZ, Angus also expressed " expectations" for the new HYT H1 ghost.


    This article details the work associated with HYT and Preciflex. This specific feature also outlines the newest HYT H1 Ghost.


    A few weeks ago, I was pleased to spend half a day together with Lucien Vouillamoz, “co-founder as well as board member” of HYT and Preciflex. Although normal readers of ESCAPEMENT could be familiar with the former, some enthusiasts may not understand the latter.


    Preciflex is a sibling company of HYT wrist watches, mastering the potential uses regarding " microfluidics", including the utilization in today's famous HYT designer watches. The Swiss company Preciflex is highly innovative and uses several coffins with medical doctors in hand.


    In the course of Vouillamoz, I would like to ask several questions related to the hydraulic fluid and the technology found in HYT timepieces. I have evaluated several HYT watches, yet despite all the research I use done so far, I always locate myself wanting to learn more. Without a doubt, because they have taken a unique journey that other watch organizations don't know, I find these kinds of watches fascinating.


    In my previous life, I used to be a partner in a chemical vegetable, so I had an understanding on the potential problems that HYT and also Preciflex had to overcome to really make the luxury watches price viable.




    In the beginning, HYT introduced their first type with a fluorescent green liquefied surrounding the dial in the capillary. Since then, the company provides models with red along with blue transparent liquids. Nevertheless , recently the company introduced an enthralling opaque black in the brand's Skull Bad Boy and H1 Ghost models. In order to help reading, a white SuperlumiNova is used behind the capillary of the latter type.


    I have known from your chemical company that the approach colors behave differently. The consequence of ultraviolet light, temperature in addition to stability must be considered, that may be, the color should remain unchanged and not deteriorate over time. Most recent is that colored aqueous beverages must remain immiscible as well as separate from colorless oil-based liquids. If the two essential fluids are mixed, the perform of the clock will be weakened.


    For all the previously mentioned reasons, HYT cannot supply every color of liquid with no extensive research in advance. But by offering four colors and also a range of models, the Europe watch brand certainly could not back down in terms of innovation and after this offers an impressive catalog involving watches.




    The chemical in the glass capillaries around the dial area can expand and contract. A couple of degrees of temperature increase will probably significantly change the time suggested by the capillary tube and also affect accuracy. Fake Cheap watches


    HYT heat compensator


    Consequently , each HYT model incorporates a temperature compensation device positioned in each bellows pump.


    No adhesion


    The potential adhesion connected with liquid to the inner wall structure of the capillary tube may possibly affect the accuracy of the enjoy. Vouillamoz explained that the inside wall of the capillary will be coated with a special finish to ensure that neither water-based shaded liquids nor colorless oil-based liquids will stick to the intrinsic surface of the capillary.


    Vouillamoz and his fellow workers seem to have resolved just about all potential pitfalls.


    On HYT and Preciflex, there are obviously many strategies that are unknown. I asked concerning an area with a smile in Vouillamoz's face. Although I actually answered my question, I became told that I must keep that confidential. The intellectual home rights of HYT along with Preciflex are very large, identified many patents to ensure that the usage of proprietary technology is solidly in the hands of Vouillamoz and his other shareholders down the road.


    HYT remain tempt


    Although Preciflex is developing body fluids for HYT, HYT's knowledge in watchmaking is extraordinary. The hand-wound exclusive HYT movement found in the H1 model is beautifully furnished with hand-made bevel links and decorated with Côtes de Genève. Swiss Watch Online


    Rhodium-plated bellows absorb the knowledge of the tropopause industry. Both the bridge as well as the main board are given anthracite gray NAC.


    As if I have certainly not been impressed by the awesome abilities of HYT in addition to Preciflex, Vouillamoz pulled out the very last party tricks, a gorgeous H1 Ghost for me to commit. I was tempted. I have assessed several H1 models and possess seen images of H1 Ghost before, but nothing at all can make me marvel from seeing all the glory on this watch. Indeed, when worn in the wrist, it looks awesome.


    The capabilities of the H1 Ghost are identical as those on additional HYT H1 models (such as the HYT H1 Iceberg), namely the minutes, mere seconds and power reserve indicator. Still the manifestations of each sign are different, and I think they are much easier to read and therefore more successful.


    The black-and-white hr display and the white time track with SuperlumiNova ensure it is extremely easy to interpret the particular hours.


    The truth is made of black DLC ti, which enhances the invisibility with the clock.


    To date, which is my favorite HYT wrist watch. However , with an unwavering cool product development strategy, I suppose this will be the last HYT unit that attracts me. Additionally , after being with Vouillamoz, My goal is to use my hard-earned funds to buy one of HYT's exclusive timepieces without any reservation. richard mille replica


    Technological index


    Design: HYT H1 Ghost

    Reference: 148-DL-60-NF-RU

    Circumstance: black DLC titanium; dimension 48. 80 mm; level 17. 90 mm; water proofing to 10 bar (100 meters); sapphire crystal a glass front and back protect.

    Functions: hours; mins; small seconds; power reserve signal.

    Movement: HYT's one of a kind HYT Calibre 101 mechanically wound movement; frequency twenty eight, 800 vph (4Hz), thirty five jewels; power reserve 65 several hours

    Strap: Black plastic strap on black DLC titanium pin buckle.